How To Create Doors
This tutorial will demonstrate how to construct doorways and how to setup a functioning SwatDoor actor for both single player and multiplayer game modes. It assumes you already know how to create BSP geometry and manipulate Static Meshes.
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How to Setup Game Modes
This tutorial will show you how to add support for different game modes to your map. Before you get started there are two very important things you need to know:

i. You must always include a& ... Read more »

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How To Set Menu Backgrounds
SWAT4's in-game menu backgrounds are created by rendering a scene from the current map, using a CameraPositionMarker's to set the "eye-point" for these scenes.

They are most notably used for the main menu screens, but this tutorial focuses on the backgroun ... Read more »

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Swat 4's UnrealEd Interface
This tutorial is intended to be an introduction to the Unreal Editor used by SWAT 4, it does not give detailed information of how to use all of its tools, it merely shows how to access the basic functions required to create a map.

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The subject of this episode will answer about many questions that a lot of Swaters request about how to add new map to SWAT 4 directory , these questions and other questions will be answered in this episode , as i indicated in the video all links will be found in Downloads Section , as i hope that u r not miser enough to leave this video without like because ur like supports me to make more episodes like this 

any questions leave a comment ...

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