We are a group of people counted from 3 persons who loved SWAT4 game and became Geeks of it ...
and then we decided to make this website for the following :-

This website was made to collect Swat4 custom maps and to make swat 4 game more popular .

This website includes some of SWAT4 Mods That was made by Administrating Team .. Check Downloads section for more.

This website will be the reason to make custom maps playable on the Mods of Swat4Geeks Team (Free!Team) which participated on this website.

So if u are creative person and have many Good works ... show us them and the members of the website will vote ... if your Development Tool passed, it will be attached to the heading Update (Next Version)
And if you don't have good works .. please register to try the new maps and give us your notes and opinion about them.

To put your map or to give us your notes  ... Please register and go to the forum.

Regards ,